Top Annuals for Sun

1200px-LantanaFlowerLeavesIf you’re blessed with a sunny spot in your garden, count your lucky stars! You’ve got much to choose from in our greenhouses.  Here are my top picks for best sunny annuals. Just remember to keep them moist!



Who doesn’t love a great wave of colour? Petunias quite literally splash out of their pots with delightful blooms of purples, reds, white and pinks.



Tall leggy beauties in mauve, pink or white, cosmos attract birds, bees and butterflies to their generous petals. Easy to grow in the back of your garden or in pots, these old-fashioned flowers love full sun. Regular dead-heading keeps them blooming all season long.



Lantana can take the heat. This hardworking annual can deal with neglect, yet provide you with the prettiest of verbena-like blooms. Lantana will provide you with blooms all season long, well into the fall, and is a butterfly magnet to boot. You can’t go wrong with this pretty flower!



Annual grasses do their best work as the showpiece in planters. Purple fountain grass is a staunch and reliable annual that produces impressionistic burgundy toned seed heads, while King Tut grass is a great green giant with spiky, pendulous leaves. Plant towards the back of the bed or in the middle of a large planter, surrounded by your favourite sun lovers!



Martha Washingtons anyone? I can’t live without my summer geraniums! Reminiscent of the olden days when summer time seemed full of promise and romance! I plant a variety in my collection of aged terracotta pots. We have a greenhouse just full of them! Try the multihued Martha Washingtons or the traditional red or coral geraniums for a real garden staple.



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