Annuals for Shade

Annuals For Shade: Your Best Bet Planting Guide


Picture a garden. Most likely, the first image that comes to mind is a generous space bathed in light. For many of us, this dreamscape isn’t a reality. Many gardeners have to work around shade cast by a north-facing house or a tall evergreen. However, Mother Nature has provided us with numerous flowering annuals that will add bright and varied colours in the most somber of shady corners.



These exotic-looking pendulous flowers do best in hanging baskets. Their bold red and purple blooms are reminiscent of show dancers in vibrant costume. They thrive out of the intense mid-summer heat and enjoy medium water.



Our selection of begonias is unsurpassed. From the traditional fibrous wax begonias with their shiny leaves and demure blooms to the more exotic Dragon Wing begonias in bold reds and oranges, you will liven up the most shady space. The Illumination variety we grow seem to be lit from the inside. Try Illumination Apricot, our most popular colour this season!



Grown as bedding plants, these easy to care for shade lovers add swaths of colours to dark spaces. Choose from whites and reds to pinks and corals to create one overall colour, or mix them to create some dazzle. New Guinea impatiens have brighter green foliage and are bigger than their common cousin. Try them in pots to place around the yard.



Started from both seed and cuttings, our coleus varieties are sure to inspire. A range of colours, from deep maroon to hot pink and bright red, coleus is grown for its impressive foliage. Try our colourblaze varieties in mixed pots with tall grasses or planted en masse under a tree.


Sweet Potatoe Vine

As an accent, this vigorous vine helps to fill in your shade planters with variety. From vibrant lime green to deep chartreuse, this indispensible vine is a must-have for every shade garden.







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